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Ash's Random Post Dater

Use this form to set ALL posts in the selected category to a random date between these two values.

This will update the post dates on ALL posts within the selected category/tag (or ALL posts in your wordpress blog if both are set to default). Please do not use if you do not want to reset ALL post dates. I do not recommend using this on a site with lots of live posts - especially if you use a permalink structure that includes the date in the url. I use it on new sites (add all content, then set all posts to random date in the past). Use at your own risk! You will lose the current post date time (it only changes the date posted - nothing else)

Only use one of the following two. Leave both at their defaults ("ALL CATEGORIES"/"ALL TAGS") to reorder ALL posts

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(leave 0 to put all posts in past)

For example if you wanted your posts randomly set to a date in the next 30 days set the latest day as 30, the earliest day at 0

If you wanted your posts randomly set to a day in the previous 180 days then set the latest day as 0 and the earliest day as 180.

It randomly sets each post - the posts are not spaced out at exact intervals. It will readjust ALL your posts. Please make sure that you want ALL your posts to be randomised.

(Clicking this will randomly reorder all posts)
redate_posts(); } else { $random_post_dater->show_options(); } } Erection By Command Review - Mature Men's Sex Health

Erection By Command Review


Erection By Command Review

Getting it UP and staying UP: This is practically every guy’s
eternal quest. If the statistics are anything to go by, Erection By Commanderectile
dysfunction (ED) is the number ONE sexual condition that affects
millions of men around the world. And a man’s inability to get hard
and stay hard during sex can quickly become a personal or
relationship crisis.

While the avalanche of ED cures (pills, creams and even strange-
looking devices) being peddled in late night TV shows and the back of
sleazy magazine promise a quick, instant cure – most of them are
costly, unreliable or even downright dangerous.

The truth is, most guys I know want a natural, reliable and
permanent way to rise to the challenge. And this is what the program
“Erection By Command” is all about.


“Erection By Command” is a professional guide designed to help men
who suffer from erection difficulties – by re-conditioning the mind
and body for instant arousal and erection. It is created by Lloyd
Lester, who also runs the hugely popular “Ejaculation By Command”, a
program that helps men overcome premature ejaculation.

“Erection By Command” sets itself apart in the male sexuality field
by offering a unique, safe, and proven “mind- and body-based
approach” to fixing ED. It appeals to guys who have to deal with
psychologically-induced ED (such as those caused by sexual
performance anxiety) and integrates sexual techniques with brainwave
entrainment technology.


I like the idea that a man can overcome erection difficulties
without treading down the common path of popping Viagra pills or
giving themselves a shot of cream/gel in order to get hard.

While the tips and techniques described in this product are based on
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) principles to stimulate pre-
conditioned human triggers, they are not complicated or mystifying.
If anything, they are incredibly simple. As long as you apply them
the way Lloyd teaches in his program (which includes clear, concise,
step-by-step instructions), you will find it almost impossible not to
achieve an erection.

(In fact in another program, Lloyd adapts the same strategies to
give women orgasms almost “on command”… but that’s for another time

One other thing that distinguishes “Erection By Command” from other
competing products is the priority 1-on-1 support for clients. This
program leads the market in this respect by providing personalized
and timely response to any email queries within 24 hours, 7 days a
week. This gives customers a “peace of mind” in knowing there is a
REAL person behind the product they can get in touch with if they
need any help.


Although you’ll see results relatively quickly, “Erection By
Command” it is not an instant cure. (In fact, any product that claims
to cure ED instantly is probably trying to pull a fast one on you and
make a quick buck!). It is not enough to know and understand the
techniques and strategies that Lloyd teaches in his program, but also
to be committed to put them into action.

While this program might not be a perfect fit for everyone, it has
transformed the lives of thousands of men… and could give you
similar amazing results to boot.


Besides the main manual, you’ll also find the other components of
the program useful. For example, the bonus “Sexual Confidence
Escalator” is a brainwave entrainment program comprising four audio
tracks that is very effective in infusing the mind with a calming
influence and reducing performance anxiety.

For those having to deal with psychological ED to a certain degree,
building sexual confidence is one of the keys to overcoming
performance or sexual anxiety. And one of the best ways to build
“confidence” is to first build “competence”. Learning EXACTLY how to
rock your woman’s world every time you lead her to bed will go a long
way to making you feel like the sensational lover she wants you to
be, and that you know that you deserve to be!

And that is why Lloyd has included a few amazing bonuses in the
program that enhances a man’s overall sexual mastery – which,
regardless of your age, can potentially change your life and do
simply incredible things for your relationship. Because relationships
work better when your lady knows that you can “shock and awe” her in
the bedroom :-)


In short, “Erection By Command” is a wonderful resource for guys who
want to enjoy getting hard and staying hard in a completely safe and
reliable manner – without ever resorting to costly and harmful
pills… and never having to worry about any crazy side effects,
embarrassing moments or ‘explanations’ to give anyone about why you
can’t perform today.

Although you might not be feeling great about yourself and your sex
life right now, all this could change for the better. And it all
starts with knowledge and taking the right action that is found in
the “Erection By Command”.

So… if you’re finally ready to banish the pain and embarrassment
of not being able to “rise to the challenge” optimally … and ready
to enjoy an amazing sex life you know you deserve, then I highly
recommend this program to you.

Click this link and learn how to get firmer, stronger and simply
more sensational erections “on command”:

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