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Vascular Diseases and Erectile Dysfunction


Vascular Disease

Ever oversleep on a Monday, get up; get in your vehicle to find out you have a flat tire, plus it’s 29 degrees outside; then you get stuck in traffic by a car wreck or a breakdown up ahead?  And you get to work 2 or 3 hours late!!!!  Well, pretty much (maybe not that drastic) that’s what  a vascular disease is on your blood vessels, the blood can’t get through.

Vascular diseases and erectile dysfunction. Vascular diseases trumps on your blood vessels. These diseases restrict the blood flow to your organs such as your heart, your brain, and your kidneys. Vascular diseases cuts the flow of blood to the penis thus causing erectile dysfunction. As many as 50% to 70% of  the men who have ED got it from the result of vascular diseases.

A vascular disease is usually caused by the buildup of cholesterol and other matter that block blood vessels slowing the blood flow. In some men, the blood vessels in the penis, and the rest of the body, may not work right; they may restrict blood flow when they’re not supposed to.

The good thing is, that  changes in your lifestyle and drug treatments work  good for types of vascular disease that can cause erectile dysfunction. 

Conditions Associated With Vascular Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

The following conditions are associated with vascular disease and clogged arteries.

  • Coronary artery disease (clogged arteries in the heart)
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Peripheral vascular disease — This disease particularly affects blood vessels that supply blood to the legs.

If you have any one of these conditions, it’s a good chance that the blood vessels in your penis will short-change you and cause you to have erectile dysfunction.

If you smoke and you quit right now, it would help.  Because smoking greatly increases the chance of developing clogged arteries and vascular disease. Plus smoking and erectile dysfunction also work well together, if you get my meaning.

Never heard of this until I did research, what is a Venous Leak?

Your penis must hold blood to keep an erection. If the your veins in the penis can’t keep the blood from exiting the penis during an erection, well, you’ll lose your erection. This is called venous leak. Venous leakage may occur with vascular disease. Venous leakage is also associated with diabetes, Peyronie’s disease, that is the buildup of scar tissue in the penis that leads to curved and painful erections, certain nerve troubles, and even severe anxiety.

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