Supplements I Personally Use

  • These are the supplements I have researched and personally use for erectile dysfunction.
  • I usually take 1 tablet or capsule of each of these with a meal, once a day, except for the Tongkat Ali; it’s taken in cycles, 5 days, on 2 days off.
  • I also take a 50+ mens multivitamin, a 325 mg. aspirin, and a 300 mg. Krill Oil softgel daily, and one 3mg. iron pill once a week.
  • Now this doesn’t mean you have to do like I do.
  • You can take them all through the day, but only 1 of each per day and preferably with food.
  • And please, before you do anything consult with your doctor.
  • For a detailed description of each supplement and what it does go to the appropriate posts. 

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