Feb 09

Sex Toys- Hollow Dildos


Sex ToyI know Erectile Dysfunction can be frustrating and humiliating, but I try to keep it in perspective.  I have read that women many times don’t have an orgasm during sex, or something else like, they haven’t been wet enough.

We all need a little help sometimes when our bodies are not working with us, and this is simply nothing to be ashamed of, or something to try to hide.

Men, we should try to use impotence as a means to have better sex, rather than to have it be worse. We should use it as a great opportunity to try something new, and connect emotionally with our lovers, and even get in touch with our masculinity in a new way. Remember guys, that a man having a well-working dick, is not what makes a man.

Sex Toys-

When the little pills don’t work or can’t be taken for side effect reasons, there are a few options that sex toys can offer before you would consider doing something as extreme as a penile implant.

 Hollow Dildos-

Despite the large sex toy industry, there are very few companies that make hollow dildos on the market today and even fewer that make them so that they are nontoxic. However, there are a few things to note about hollow dildos that are currently available-

  • They are typically 1.75 – 2 inches in diameter on the outside. The large diameter is done so that the penis will fit inside whether you are semi erect or flaccid. The problem that many couples find in using these larger dildos is that the female partner often finds them to be too big and may even find it painful.
  • Hollow dildos that are currently on the market are very hard on the inside (table top firm) and do not provide stimulation to the male user in any way.
  • There are currently no vibrating hollow dildos on the market, however, you can put a bullet vibrator inside them at the end or use a vibrating ring over them.

When a sex toy is porous it can hold onto bacteria easily and it is much more difficult to keep clean. To clean them you must use a spray on toy cleaner, let the cleaner get down into the pores and then rinse it off. You cannot use soap as the soap will stay in the pores and many create a soapy lather the next time you use it. It is important to keep the bacteria off a sex toy as it can cause a urinary tract infection (UTI) or even contribute to a yeast infection.

Personal Experience-

If you have Erectile Dysfunction and you can’t get it up; a good alternative is sex toys.  I have used a 10″ Hollow Strap-On Dildo, where I’ve worn to pleasure my gal.

It takes some time to get use to, a lot of practice and experimenting as well.  But…..

In my experience, I’ve had good results, but it took a little while to find out what works.  You will always need a lot of lubrication to have the best time.  For me personally, going Doggie-Style works best.

A favorite trick I like to use, is to take off the strap-on and by hand, use it to penetrate my gal, simultaneously while I use my tongue and free fingers to really go down on her for her to experience multiple explosive orgasms.  I get a lot of pleasure  out of making her and watching her cum.

To get my real pleasure, I masturbate with my gal watching and giving me an aided hand job, as she strokes me, she goes down on me when I’m just about ready to cum.  When I cum, she plays in it rubbing it on her body and licking it off her fingers.  A real turn-on.

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