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Gentlemen hello, my name is D. (Derriest).  I am a  54 yearD. old divorced man who has had erection problems and one who has set out to educate myself and other men who have suffered from erection difficulties.  I have searched for  information, treatments, and solutions to ED; this website is the ongoing result  of what I have found.

When I was a younger man in early 30’s, I was at my sexual height.  I didn’t have a problem at all in satisfying my lady friends.  Some of them was even addicted to me, and I was addicted to sex. I know this may sound harsh but it was true.

As life would have it, in my 40’s, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Through trial and error my doctor tried several different medications to get my blood pressure under control until one finally worked.  During this time I noticed my erections were not as hard and harder to get up.  In my 40’s, I dated several women until I met my wife, ex-wife now.

In 2005 I got married.  My married sex life was more of a nightmare than it was a dream.  My erection difficulties aided in causing infidelity in our relationship and leading us to divorce.  We divorced in 2007.

The next five years I was in no relationship.  In 2012 I got in a relationship with a very voluptuous woman, and like clockwork my little friend would not perform.  I did though devise a way to satisfy my lady using sex toys.  She was happy, I was somewhat happy,  I wanted to satisfy her without any aides.  Because this relationship was a long distance relationship it soon ended after a little over a year.

Now I am in another relationship with a wonderful woman, who I have told her everything about my problems and what I am doing to become my old self, with very promising results. I have her full support.

This website is for me as it is much you.  I will show you what I have done and what you can do to restore your confidence being intimate and truly satisfying your partner.

Take Care


Founder of Mature Men’s Sex Health


Email:  derriest@mmsexhealth.com



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